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"Love this place and highly recommend them! My daughter Judah got her braces off a few weeks ago and has the prettiest smile! Thank you Fogarty & Roberson Orthodontics!" - Brett

"I 100% made the best decision on Dr. Fogarty and his team to fix my braces. They all recognize you as you walk through the door and always make sure to ask how you’re doing. I love them!" - Felicia

"Alison, at Dr.Fogarty’s in Manchester, is AWESOME!! Well, the entire team is wonderful, but she ALWAYS goes above and beyond to help us with anything and everything. Alison...YOU ROCK! Thank you for greeting us with a smile every time we walk through the door!"
- Very Happy Clients, The Smartt Family

"Dr. Fogarty has seen 3 of my kids so far and has done wonders for all of them. I love how he and his staff genuinely care, pay close attention to detail, and do everything they can to make my children's smiles perfect with the least amount of discomfort. I definitely recommend Dr. Fogarty to anyone who wants a good orthodontic experience." - Melanie

"Thanks to the excellent gang at Fogarty & Roberson Orthodontics! After almost three years of being in braces, having them tightened every few weeks and wearing rubber bands on my teeth during the day and night, I had them removed today. Needless to say my teeth look the best that they ever have and I owe my ‘new’ smile to you guys, which is saying a lot for one who just turned 63 years young and has been covering his teeth with a mustache to hide the mistakes of Mother Nature but was astonishingly corrected and improved by my besties at Fogarty & Roberson Orthodontics. For all of you adults out there that are thinking about ‘improving’ your smile and wondering if you should or if it can be improved, believe me that it’s never too late and now is the time to go for it! I will never regret my decision to take that first step and give all the thanks and accolades to my good friends at Fogarty & Roberson for making it happen!" - Gil

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